5 Simple Steps to Create a Webpage Using PowerPoint

If you didn’t know it was possible, or if you have wondered, ‘Is it really possible to create a website using PowerPoint?’ The simple answer is yes, of course you can.

Better yet, almost anyone can create a website using PowerPoint with very little effort, even if you don’t know much about web design. All you need to have is some basic understanding of PowerPoint and you will be able to create web pages and a website within a very short time.

Now that you know it is possible to create a website using PowerPoint, who would be the best candidate to create a webpage using PowerPoint? Well, the most obvious answer is, someone who doesn’t know how to code, at least using HTML, someone who doesn’t have the resources to manage a more elaborate web design software, or someone who simply wants to make a webpage as part of a hobby.

If you have a desktop computer or a laptop, you most likely have PowerPoint. It is quite a common application and the added benefit that you don’t need to be a specialist web designer to create a webpage using PowerPoint means that anyone can create a webpage easily.

If you are still skeptical that this is possible, go ahead and try follow the steps below in order to see the magic happen right before your eyes.

1. First launch your PowerPoint application

Start by creating a new presentation by going to the menu and selecting the new document option. Depending on the version of PowerPoint that you are using, the option will be in the file menu and then click on the ‘New’ option.

2. Open up a blank PowerPoint document or choose a pre-designed template

If you want to be creative or if you already have an idea that you want to present, you can start with a clean slate and you can then add images, text, audio video and other elements as you please, the same way you would do with any other PowerPoint presentation.

If you don’t feel too creative or if you want to use a template that you can build your creativity on, then one option is to go to a website like powerslides.com and choose from the many PowerPoint templates that they have.

Using a template can make your work even easier by cutting down on the time you need to create a webpage if you are hard pressed for time.

3. Add more pages to your website

If you need more than one page on your website, you can create some extra pages using the same procedure mentioned above and then create hyperlinks to link the different pages on your website.

When the insert hyperlink dialog box appears, look for and use the ‘place in this document option’. Once you do so, the slide will be converted into a webpage.

4. Save your work

The final step is to go to the menu, click on ‘Save As’, in the ‘Save As Type’ dropdown option click on ‘Publish’.

5. Celebrate

There. Your journey to create your first PowerPoint website is complete. It’s time to marvel at your accomplishment and think about your next project.