Are Cameras Prohibited in Casinos?

Many travellers today wish to take their cameras with them wherever they go in order to capture images from their experiences; this way when the trip is over, they will have long lasting memories of their vacation. Often travel itineraries will include trips to some of the world’s casinos and many of these feature elaborate and stunning designs for many tourists to capture on their camera. While this is always unquestionably acceptable on the exterior of a casino, many wonder if they can bring their cameras inside the casino. Before doing so, it is always a good idea to check with each specific venue.

As a general rule, most casinos do not permit their patrons to bring their cameras inside the casino and take pictures. This can be difficult for some gamblers; especially when they have won big, should a guest take pictures in the casino, more than likely security will remind them of the rules and ask for the pictures be deleted. Casinos have a great deal of respect for the privacy of their customers. Often when pictures are taken inside the casino, they capture others who are unaware their image may be broadcast using social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The main concern though, is is that of cheating and so if you plan on taking your camera to the casino, you might be safer playing at instead.

Cameras not only are found in their traditional form but also in other technological devices such as smartphones and tablets and one new device that also includes a camera is Google Glass. These small glasses have a specially design device in them that makes it possible to take photos, shoot video and surf the internet. Some casinos worry that savvy users may be able to cheat at certain card games with the Google Glass and as a result, many casinos are taking action and banning the new gadget from their facilities.