Content Writing Jobs Online: Ways to Make Money

Many people now make money online. And if you ask them how, their answers would vary from content writing, blogging, doing surveys to transcribing jobs and among other work from home opportunities. In this post, we emphasize content writing, a popular freelancing niche that has seen many writers move from novices to experts and from low income earners to six figure savers. For someone who is yet to give it a try, writing for a living may sound fallacious.

However, there are real stories everywhere to get you inspired for a great start in the content creation enterprise. Most importantly, successful content creators will tell you that you’ve got to prepare your bed before lying on it. The catch here is that before you become a highly sought-after content writer, you must have gone through the leaps and bounds that exist in the gig economy.

Some days you will get scammed by a deadbeat client and other times, you will lose a great opportunity. However, benefits of content writing jobs online far much outweigh the downsides, the more reason why you should get started right away.

Ways to make money through content writing

Now, to cut a long story short, let’s take a dive into ways of earning a living writing.


Blogging isn’t a new name, neither are bloggers. If you ever wondered how someone writes a story about anything and earn from it, then here you’ve got the details. The work of a blogger is creating content, usually for his or her own website if not for another person operating an online business.

You will be giving readers something to talk about and over which to relish. Bloggers are trendsetters in the journalistic enterprise, but it usually depends on how updated you are with current issues and also how good one is at what he or she does.

Web Content Creation

Ever wondered who creates textual content for Webpages? Like every time you visit a site, there is something to read and keep busy? Well, content writing also factors in web content creation strategy. It involves writing informative articles, which can be sales copies in nature or putting together pieces of information about an online business. In the end, someone pays for your effort, skills, knowledge and competency.

Product Descriptions

Another perspective of content writing is publishing descriptions for products and services on a website. Whether it is a digital or physical good/service, the most important thing that content writers do in this regard is informing or persuading buyers to put money on something. Affiliate marketers who own blogs/websites for production descriptions will pay you for a job well done.

The Bottom Line

Millions of people now earn a living writing content for online business owners. Provided you’ve got what it takes to craft top quality articles, blogs and write stories that resonate well with readers, you are only a step away from making money as a content writer. Moreover, with a great portfolio, it is only a matter of when clients come looking for you.