Creating A Website? Check Out These Top Four Website Creators

There was a time when only the very sophisticated were able to create websites. Experienced programmers and coders were required to create and run websites but today that has all changed, thanks to some top notch designers taking a stance.

Today hundreds ,of platforms exist that can allow you to create high quality professional websites without needing any technical knowledge.

Below we’ll share with you some of the top website creators in the industry to help you on your next website design project.

1. IM Creator

Once a group of coders were approached by their family and friends and asked to give them a tool which would help them to easily createwebsites. What started out as a helping endeavor has now turned into a very popular online business.

IM Creator allows you to create websites very easily even if you are a complete novice. They offer a large collection of high quality images which you can use when designing your website for free, and they also offer dozens of professional templates designed by experienced designers and coders.

2. Webydo

Research shows that 80% of the total money spent by the client seeking to create a website goes to the coders who hand-write the code. Thus the designers who design the graphics of the website receive only 20% of the total.

A group of designers couldn’t accept this fact and decided to do something about it, And Webydo was founded. Webydo cloud-based online design studio for creative professionals to create websites for their clients. Designers can create the design on Webydo’s design studio site and the system will automatically generate the necessary code in the background. This provides designers with more creative freedom and time to devote to their designs and clients.

3. Onepager

It is not an exaggeration to say that millions of websites exist online. All of them are competing each other for user’s attention. Hence itmakes sense that you can create your website in such a way that it will let the users browse through it in as frictionless a way as possible.

Here is where Onepager can help you. As the name implies Onepager will help you create your entire website on just a single page.
User studies have shown that people are more likely to stick around on your website if everything rests on a single page as compared to the website which requires them to click and jump to different pages.


WordPress is one of the biggest names in terms of blogging platforms or website creator. WordPress comes in two forms. One is and the other one is The former is free while you will have to pay for the latter. lets you create beautiful blogs with free hosting and free templates. You can either use their free domain name like or buy your own domain name.

I hope these four website builders will help you create better sites. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this