Explore The Possibilities of Domain Name Migration to A Better Hosting Service

Being able to get a domain name which is noticeable and can be easily remembered is a vital aspect of building strong online presence. In case of web development selecting a web hosting company and registering for the right domain name is a crucial step. A domain name represents your brand and can help your business to rise to the next level. Business owners can promote their services on the internet with a domain name. At times, you may need to transfer your domain name to a registrar in order to opt for a better hosting package.

Transferring a domain name

As a domain name is transferred, a registrar is responsible for managing domain records. It is important to ensure that the transfer does not affect the traffic to your website. Let’s look into the several aspects of domain name transfer.

  • It is important to apply to the registrar for a transfer.
  • It is important to provide information of administrators.
  • Upon receiving an email notification, the administrator will have to accept the request for transfer.
  • If the transfer is not accepted within a stipulated period of time, the registrar assumes that the request for transfer has been rejected.

Key factors involved

The following points throw light on several aspects of domain transfer.

  • For <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_name_registrar” rel=”nofollow”> domain name transfer</a> to take place, it is essential that the domain is active.
  • Criterion for transfer is not met if the domain is locked or is in the path of being deleted.
  • It is important that the domain is registered for 60 days before a transfer among registrars takes place.
  • If you are ridden with debt and a situation of bankruptcy has crept up, the domain name transfer will not take place.
  • The cost which you have to incur for the transfer completely depends on the registrar.

Browse possibilities of migration

As you are using a new and better host, it may be a difficult proposition to leave the domain name to be managed by the old host. Communicating with two different identities may become difficult. A domain name transfer is the perfect choice in such cases. After your domain name meets certain requirements, the registrar will undertake the process of transfer. It is important for your domain to be in an active status for domain name transfer to take place. To know more visit site: indiadomainnames.in

Steps to check

During the transfer of a domain name you must ensure that you are careful about the following aspects:

  • Your domain name must be unlocked.
  • The domain name should not have been registered in the past couple of months.
  • The email address that is associated with your domain name must be current so that you can receive all the updated mails.
  • It is important that you do not cancel services of the current web hosting firm till you sign up for a new one.
  • Transfer of a domain name can take some days.
  • It is important that you have a copy of all files.
  • After transfer of the domain name, you will receive a mail.

Process of transfer

During a transfer if a domain is locked it is essential that you unlock it. In some cases, few registrars require privacy protection of the domain to be removed before a domain name transfer takes place. The email that you have provided in the WHOIS record should be accurate. It is important so that you can receive intimation and updates from the gaining registrar. In order to confirm that the request is genuine the gaining registrar sends mails to the administrative contact of the domain name or to the mail holder who is registered in WHOIS record.