FreeDigital Signage: Digital Signage Content Ideas using Customizable Templates

Digital signage is the in-thing in today’s business marketing. If you are not already leveraging on the infinitesimal benefits offered by this tool, your business is losing a lot. Nevertheless, incorporating this media into your marketing should not be an end to itself.

Great content equals good marketing and without it, your digital signage campaign is lost. Simply put, you might be using digital signage but still not getting desired traffic due to outdated content. Truth be told, coming up with unique digital content is not easy but you must avoid getting in a rut on.

Great Digital Content Ideas

Whichever business you are in, there are some general ideas you can use to keep your customers captivated. Look at just a few:

  • Employee profile: There is no better way to reward employees than by showing them on your digital signage and giving a profile of their contribution to the business. Customers like it when businesses recognize the hard work that employees do and you can bet they will remember this gesture.
  • Loyalty and reward programs: If you want to build customer trust, create a reward program and let customers know about it. If you already have such a program in place, you can go on and post instant rewards on your signage. When it becomes a culture to announce such rewards on your signage, you will have an attentive customer base.
  • Give advice related to your business: If you are in the restaurant business, for instance you can give ‘how to tips’ on eating healthy or different recipes. In the retail business, you can offer some tips on care and maintenance of some products you are selling.
  • Community relevant information: Modern society is information hungry and as such keep your patrons posted on any news around them. For instance, if there is a highly anticipated local school game, keep updating them on the field events. If there is an upcoming fundraise ball, let the community know on your signage.
  • Trivia and other fun activities: Nothing excites shoppers as much as winning. You can use your signage to call them to action in return for a prize. For instance, you can ask diners to name the ingredients in your special burger and reward the first three correct winners with this special treat.
  • FAQs: There are many concerns that customers like addressed and your reception desk should help you come up with the most common. You can display these queries and solutions on your signage to help ease customer’s experiences at your business.

There are many more unique content ideas including weather, announcements, business hours, safety tips, press releases, television feeds and much more.

Before you start thinking of these ideas, you need to identify a good company to work with. The best company will offer free digital signage for you to get a feel of its services. In addition, they should offer different packages based on your budget and business needs.

Have you been trying to market your restaurant without any results? You need to adopt this cost effective system to revolutionize your business.