How Cloud Backup Robot Keeps Your Customer Data Safe

When working with computers, it is practical to realize that breach or loss of data can happen and therefore you should be ready for such an outcome.

Breach of data can damage the reputation of your brand and could even render your businesses bankrupt. You should therefore have data backup practices that ensure protection of your customers’ data.

Benefits of the cloud to your Business

The cloud has increased the convenience of conducting business in the following way:

Easy sharing of Data

Due to email restrictions on the size of file that can be transferred on email, you previously had to hand delivered via external hard drive, huge files that could not be transmitted via email. Now, with the cloud, you and your customers can upload files to the cloud and access them without having to leave your business premises.

It saves time

Cut off unnecessary meetings. You do not have to send endless emails back and forth to coordinate the perfect meeting time. Just drop your customers a note about some files on the cloud that require their attention and they will do so at their convenience.

It ensures business continuity

You, your colleagues and your customers cannot be at the same physical location always. You probably conduct an online business. Cloud computing allows you to remotely conduct business seamlessly.

How Cloud Backup Robot will keep your customers data safe

Slack computer backup practices can expose your customers’ data to threats. Cloud Backup Robot makes it easy to observe online backup safety practices to keep you from sustaining data security breaches.

You can download the software here and put the safety of your customer data first.

With Cloud Backup Robot, you can:

Choose what to backup

You can configure the software to backup only certain kind of information and in a format you choose. You can apply extra security features to more sensitive information.

Encrypt your backups

Knowing the kind of content your customers have entrusted to you will help you make safe back up decisions.

Before you upload your file to the cloud, you can create a password for that file using the AES-256 algorithm. You then move the file to the cloud using the Cloud Backup Robot. The file will only be accessible by you. Remember to store your password in a safe place as you will need it to access the file in the future.

In case your archived files are accessible to more than one person, create different access rights for different levels of employees. Do not entrust passwords for extremely sensitive information to employees.

Delete obsolete files

When your customer data is no longer of use to you, delete it.This will reduce the level of exposure should you experience a breach?


You do not need manual conducting of backup exercises. Cloud Backup Robot allows you to schedule specified times for your backups to take place. This ensures that you will never miss a backup and you will never lose your customer data.


Cloud Backup Robot comes with software for restoring you’re backed up data. In the event your systems crash, you can easily bring back your systems to working condition.