Latest Technologies Used in Web Development and Designing Field

Most of the present generation will go mad if internet comes to a sudden death. Internet has become more important than even food. Everything from products and services have come online and the number of websites in the internet is getting increased day by day. Web development and designing service have become the hottest and demanded activities in the present world. With latest technologies, websites are developed with amazing features that attracts the eyes and hearts of the people and the search engines.

Here are some of the latest technologies used in web development and designing field.


Flash is something that brought revolutionary change in web design and development market. It adds beauty, quality and attraction to the website. But the development experts find really difficult to implement flash. More ever the flash website takes more time to get loaded. At present most of the online visitors hates the website with more loading time. Hence, chances are a lot to get the visitors to get diverted to other websites for similar products and services. HTML 5 on the other hand can perform all the tasks that flash can do. HTML5 is easy to implement and is gets loaded within quick time when compared to flash. More over HTML 5 technology can give maximum results in mobile app development. Website appears with crystal clarity and display in tablets and mobiles. This latest technology in web development is used by most of the web developers at present.


CSS or cascading style sheet is used in the format of the web pages. Property formatted web pages can add beauty to the website and can easily grab the attention of the visitors. The old CSS had limitation and was not up to the expectation of the web developers. This is what given birth to the latest technology CSS3. This is the integrated version of the old one that overcame the limitations of old CSS. The amazing features of CSS3 include border radius, round shape around corners, multi column lay out, imperiousness and box shadows. Web developer can easily edit any part of the webpage with this technology. The user can control transparency as per the requirements of all type of web browsers.

Quick Response (QR) Code

At present most of the developer make use of QR codes importantly for mobile phones. QR or Quick Response codes include URL, name of company and short information that is to be displayed as per the business needs. It is just like a bar code that can be scanned with mobile QR code application. This is one of the best used latest technologies to provide information without much space and physical effort. This technology is used in newspapers, magazines, business cards, websites and more. Most of the present web developers make use of QR to develop professional and user-friendly websites. Mobile applications with QR can easily promote and increase your business and brand value.


Social media sites have becomes so popular now days. Every one spends at least 3 minutes with their favorite social media whenever they enter internet. This is the reason why web developers make use of life streaming to allow visitors to connect directly with their social media site with through the business websites. This is one of the best techniques to increase the volume of customers through social interaction.

These are the most demanding latest technologies used in the web development and designing process.