Make Money Blogging!? Yes, You Can – Here’s How

There are tens of millions of blogs on the Web, Mashable reports. While many people publish strictly as a hobby, blogging does offer a degree of profit potential. Monetizing a blog is a process of adding advertisements to the site in the hopes that readers will click on it. Depending on whether they purchase, submit an email address and demographic information or simply view the ad and bounce, the advertiser will pay the blogger an amount commensurate with the engagement transaction’s value.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising that includes links in blog posts that lead to an advertisement website. A blog that focuses on practical matters, such as a professional marketing or cooking blog, invites opportunities for affiliate links. Less commercial topics such as religion or psychology may struggle with finding advertisers for this type of monetization. offers a quick, user-friendly affiliate marketing advertising service that links to products you select with an image, text or banner ad.

Google AdSense is a free marketing service that links your website to ads that your blog’s readers would be interested in. A cooking website may link to a chef school or kitchen supply store, for example, while an educational blog could link to a professional studies college or school supply retailer.

Affiliate Marketing Service

Another option is using a linking service such as VigLink that arranges affiliate marketing for your blog. You would not need to select the ads, but instead commission them to apply relevant advertising based on your blog’s topic. The bulk advertising discount they receive, according to VigLink, allows them to pass most of the advertisers’ payment on to you.

Marketing Publications

If you are an expert in the category of your blog, you can sell an audiobook, ebook, course or webinar to your reader. A book about making sauces, or a course or webinar in classic French sauce-making techniques, could help fund your website and your research. These publications are relatively common in the professional blog sector, however, can also be leveraged for hobbies if you are indeed an expert. Otherwise this category of monetization would be something to strive for.

PayPal Donation

A PayPal donation button is another way to bring funding into your blogging operation. You may have seen this on a few nonprofit service websites that request a voluntary contribution in exchange for the website’s use., for example, is a website that offers a title conversion tool to academic and professional writers. It is funded purely by donations and requests them with a PayPal page.

Once you select a Web host using a service such as and register your domain, you can fulfill your creative and passionate side and add to your financial security by monetizing your blog.