Oracle Comes Up with Fantastic Cloud CX Solutions for India

Oracle is really happy to see its Customer Experience or CX cloud solutions gather momentum in India. Oracle has recently bagged Hyundai, Aditya Birla Online Fashion, Adidas, Jabong, Mercedes Benz, Reliance Commercial Finance, Make My and many more reputed companies as clients. In India automobile, ecommerce, BFSI and retail seem to be the chief industries that are truly progressive and have adopted CX technologies.

Reasons behind Sudden Boost in Cloud CX Strategy & Solutions

Oracle’s fantastic progress in its Cloud Customer Experience Solutions is primarily because firms wish to distinguish, improve and eventually grow their cloud customer experiences for best results. CX or customer experience is given top preference by organizations across the globe for effectively meeting customer demands and increasing revenue. Oracle had recently carried out a survey on Customer Experience and the study revealed that brands definitely understand and appreciate the remarkable financial impact of reasonably poor customer experience. However, they still are struggling to come up with and implementing successful cloud solutions and strategy.

Need for a Holistic Cloud Customer Experience Solutions Today

Customers today are faced with a wide spectrum of choices. The success of any company is dependent directly on its capacity and competency in meeting client expectations and demands with just a simple, relevant and consistent experience that motivates them to buy and come back again. Creating a fabulous CX involves coming up with these qualities over time in a consistent manner throughout the customer lifecycle.

Oracle believes in exceptional Cloud CX (Customer Experience) Solutions and strategy. Exceptional CX is responsible for generating advocacy, loyalty and also, repeat business that certainly drives success. CX solutions are effective in helping organizations and companies in transforming their current infrastructure and operational systems into an unmatched cloud customer experience throughout the consumer lifecycle, averting revenue loss and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Oracle Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officers are increasingly collaborating and coordinating for designing holistic CX solutions. It is believed that the company, simply by aligning marketing requirements and technology initiatives has been able to bring about an increase in the conversion rate for all sales qualified chances to actual closed deals by about 30 per cent.

Oracle’s Undisputed Contribution to Cloud Solutions & Strategy

Oracle CX solutions are being adopted by various industries because they give a robust omni-channel experience, which can be given by oracle only. Oracle collaborates and coordinates with various customer groups so that they can provide unmatched guidance and thus, the company can appreciate the customer needs and come up with relevant and effective customized solutions. Oracle offers its clients the most holistic solutions and their CX Cloud specialists are working with companies for designing effective strategies and assisting them in identifying the correct tools required for offering their customers the desired and expected experience. Visit for learning more about effective cloud solutions.

Understanding Customer Psychology and Presenting Cloud CX Solutions

Oracle believes that there has been a drastic change in customer psychology and consumer shopping pattern today. The customer today is looking forward to connecting with the brands across all channels such as ecommerce, retail and social media too. The company therefore, desires to attract new customers and retain already existing customers. Oracle has as a result, tried to stand out from the rest by combining product with amazing customer experience.

Oracle’s Unique Cloud CX Solution

This covers a fully integrated top grade application services that include Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Social and Service. This undoubtedly, is one of the industry’s most comprehensive CX portfolio helping firms to distinguish themselves across multi channels, interactions and touch points. Oracle is also known to engage with their clients through CX journey mapping, truly a partnering approach for making sure that Oracle’s Cloud Customer Experience Solutions are able to deliver brilliant experience so that firms are able to grab new customers and not only retain already existing customers, but enhance proficiency and efficiency.