Smart Cars with Stellantis Deal: Know what AWS is Bringing Next

Stellantis and Amazon have announced several multi-year and global agreements that can easily transform the in-vehicle experience of numerous people as well as in the advancement of the mobility industry into a software-defined and sustainable industry.

Stellantis will try to shift into becoming a tech company that is sustainable by involving the Amazon Web Services or AWS partner India, Amazon Devices, and also Amazon Last Mile. 

Amazon and Stellantis will work together to deploy the software expertise of Stellantis’, and the technology of Amazon to include the development of vehicles, training the automobile engineers, and also developing connected in-vehicle experiences.

By collaborating with each other, these two companies will develop a suite of products and services that are software-based and can perfectly integrate with the digital lives of their customers. Thus, those can add value through the regular updates of the over-the-air (OTA) software.

The collaboration of AWS partner India and Stellantis brings together the leadership and innovative ideas of Amazon regarding cloud computing, digital experiences, machine learning, artificial intelligence with the engineering portfolio and excellence of 14 unique brands of vehicles.

Stellantis already outlined its strategy related to software at the time of its Software Day program conducted in December 2021.

Collaboration of Innovation and engineering

In this agreement, Stellantis has preferred to work with AWS as the cloud provider for the platforms for vehicles. Along with Amazon, Stellantis plans to create a cloud enabled infrastructure that is powerful and useful for the vehicle platforms, including for the STLA Smart Cockpit.

Stellantis’ plan is to migrate its existing pipeline of vehicle data across its geographies and brands into a data mesh that is cloud-based. This can happen by using the advanced qualities of AWS that can offer durable and scalable real-time data streaming. 

By choosing a data mesh that is powered by Aws, the engineers of Stellantis can make use of the interface and tools that can perfectly suit their projects.

Stellantis also wishes to speed up the time to market for the digital products that are new that can work with the machine learning of AWS and eventually deliver more accurate and predictive maintenance as well as greater personalization.

Both Stellantis and AWS partner India is developing in an environment of cloud-based development known as the Virtual Engineering Workbench.

This easily provides workflows that are automated and thus can manage the high performance, managing and testing the software development, collecting data, and also training the machine learning model.

The STLA Smart Cockpit

Stellantis and Amazon will work together to offer software for the STLA Smart Cockpit, which will run globally in the Stellantis vehicles starting from the year 2024. 

This platform that is defined by software can integrate seamlessly with the digital lives of the clients while offering the perfect in-vehicle experiences through entertaining applications that are AI-enhanced. 

They will also get to enjoy the facilities such as navigation, voice assistance powered by Alexa, e-commerce, vehicle maintenance, payment services, and also marketplaces. 

The STLA Smart Cockpit platform will use the solutions and products of Amazon that are mainly developed to offer some amazing experiences. On the other hand, Stellantis will offer the flexibility to create the brand, custom, and vehicle-specific qualities to give their customers something special.

Hence, the Stellantis and AWS partner India are trying to give something unique to their customers through their strong and fruitful collaboration.