The Name Game: Creating Amazingly Effective Blog Titles

You have just spent hours writing the most thought-provoking blog ever about stay-at-home moms versus working moms. You have interviewed moms, photographed moms and poured out your heart and soul into the story.

But then, in your haste to post this epic blog of parenthood onto your website, you give your masterpiece a quick title such as, “Mom Blog.” And sadly, just like that, your blog will float off into cyberspace, never to be seen again.

Considering how much thought and effort you have put into your blog and the time you spent on sites researching the best web hosting company, you want to do all you can to make sure people find, see, and read your hard work.

According to Pro Blogger, the title of a blog can literally make or break the whole article. While you don’t have to think about the title the second you start writing, you should take the time to create a title that will interest readers and get them excited to read what you’ve written.

In fact, Pro Blogger says while eight out of 10 people will read the title, fewer than three of them will go on to read the blog. This clearly shows the importance of a snappy and eye-catching title.

So, with that in mind, the following tips can help blog writers come up with clickable titles that can also be found by search engines.

Short and sweet is the way to go

In the old days, Pro Blogger notes, titles tended to be really long. Those days are now over. Titles need to be to the point, but also clear about what the blog is about. For example, “Five Tips on Brewing the Most Aromatic and Irresistible Cup of Coffee Ever” will probably grab way more attention than “How to Brew a Cup of Coffee: Five Tips to Get the Perfect Cup.”

Try to include a keyword in the title

In a perfect world, your blog will come up when people are using Google or another search engine to look for information about your topic. The whole concept of search engine optimization (SEO) involves including specific words in the title that will cause it to appear during Internet searches. If you can easily and smoothly add a key term into your title, do so – it should help more readers find it.

Be descriptive

Blog titles are different from many other kinds of titles, Verve Search explains, because when they come up during an Internet search, the person only has the title to tell them what the story is about. While newspaper or magazine titles also include the whole story and photos right there, a blog title has to really inform the reader what it is about. This is why a title such as “Mom Blog” will not do much to entice people to read the blog – it is not descriptive about the article.

Include a question

Questions in the title are a great way to grab attention, notes the Independent Fashion Bloggers. They can definitely inspire people to click on the blog and see what the answers might be. Another option is to solve a common problem in the title. For example, “How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill.”