What Web Designers Can Learn From Gaming Sites

Today, games have become more web-like. Similarly, the web has become more game like. For instance, if you view yahoo answers, when random questions are chosen, it is the most credible answers that get the most points. It is similar to a ranking system that unlocks more features within the system. Essentially, it works due to the psychology of achievement that makes interaction more exciting. Therefore, what can web designers learn from gaming sites or video games.

Good games need to be highly intuitive and usable. In addition, they should manage repetitive actions using the fewest clicks. If they are engaging and attractive, they will be likeable. A good interface also enhances the user’s experience, as the content delivered will not break the fantasy of what they expect.

The same is true for web design. When well designed, a website can offer everything the user requires and engage the user into clicking and getting more information from the website. It can include interactive links by using a comments section on the website, Java script libraries and CSS, or including games that are related to the website content. Use of polls on the content also makes the website more interactive.  Personality is introduced to websites when designers use game interface tools to improve user experiences.

Yahoo answers works because it is interactive and utilizes the psychology of achievement to those who use the site. Therefore, other psychological concepts such as these can be used when designing a website using gaming ideas.

When designing a website, a web designer needs to remember client goals and project context. Efficiency is more important to websites than entertainment. Having a fish-eye interface for a website that provides tax delivery is not very efficient. However, having a social media channel will improve the interactive nature of the website. Therefore, use user interfaces that are fit for the project but make the site interactive.

Gaming structure and user interface makes use of a hub-and-spoke architecture. This means the menu provides options that lead to a different content page. For instance, if you choose weapons, you will be directed to a page where weapons are displayed and controls listed. To go to maps, you need to go back to the main page menu and click on maps. This simple structure makes it easy to use. This idea can be adopted by web designers to make a website easier to use and less confusing if it has a lot of content.

The main reason why games are engaging is the player’s possibility of success. Satisfaction of curiosity and making clear choices to provide solutions to problems provides a feeling of freedom. The feedback from games is instant and after comes right after user input.

On websites, you can make engagement and interaction possible by use of questions. For instance, you can ask the question “Would you like to earn more about this topic?” Submission of an answer to this question can make use of the website interesting.

Use of messages to load images makes the concept that is explained on a website easier to grasp. Additional tools that website designers can use include custom cursors, icons, slider menus, and pivot screen to make a website more interactive and interesting. Essentially, the concept is for web designers to learn how to make a website more engaging, fun, and interactive using gaming ideas. To know more about the top animation schools in California, please visit here – http://www.gamedesigning.org/animation/california-schools/