25 Creative Inspired Animal Logo Designs

Logo is very important to any organizations and other non commercial entities as it give a solid identity or trademark. Do you want a catchy animal logo? A skillfully designed logo will surely grasp the attention of the viewers. Other times, an animal is simply used because its in the business name or works well in representing what a business is about.

So, it is not a surprise, that today the images of animals are commonly used in such industry as logo designing. If you are looking to create an animal based logo, this roundup will help you. I have collected some of creative truly innovative animal logo designs. These were all hand picked and based on quality to make the cut. Please leave us your thoughts below.

1. Al-Kaabi 2

Al-Kaabi 2

2. Tom’s Petlounge

Tom's Petlounge

3. Little Zebra

Little Zebra

4. Barzona Films

Barzona Films

5. Falcon Hawk

Falcon Hawk

6. Poseus


7. Blue Dog Properties

Blue Dog Properties

8. Someday


9. Zafaris


10. Custom Logo Design for Pavo Real

Custom Logo Design for Pavo Real

11. Sushi


12. Logo Dog

Logo Dog

13. Monsieur Cock

Monsieur Cock

14. Small Batch Logo – Final

Small Batch Logo - Final

15. Animal Logos

Animal Logos

16. Toro Bull

Toro Bull

17. Koloroo Logo

Koloroo Logo



19. Help Hand

Help Hand

20. Birdy Blacksmiths

Birdy Blacksmiths



22. Sketched Jaguar Logo

Sketched Jaguar Logo

23. Pandangel


24. Sharkplay1


25. Fox Paper

Fox Paper

Which of this logos do you like the most? We would love to hear your favorites. Let us know if you have more suggestions on a Logo Design based on animals. We and  our readers will surely love your cooperation. Maybe you would like to drop a comment if you like.