30 Cute Bear Logo Designs for Inspiration

Inspiration plays a key role in the growth of a designer. A well-thought logo design can effectively use a simple icon to leave a deep enough impression for the public. This includes the designs of bear and the cartoon bear logo which really stand out from the crowd.

So today’s post, I have collected very amazing bear logo designs for your inspiration. These logos are mostly used for children’s or babies gift store, clothing store or even toy store as bears project a cute and cuddly feature. Check out this collection if you are planning to make a logo for certain projects.

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1. Nerdy Bear

Nerdy Bear

2. Vedmed


3. BlueBear


4. Bear Logo Design

Bear Logo Design

5. Little Bear

Little Bear

6. Thready Bear

Thready Bear

7. GUS-Trans


8. Backflipping Bear Whaaa

Backflipping Bear Whaaa

9. Bear King

Bear King

10. BTBG


11. Best Bear Logo

Best Bear Logo

12. Little Bear Photography

Little Bear Photography

13. Polar Triangle

Polar Triangle

14. Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs

15. Bearbill


16. Polar Bear Training

Polar Bear Training

17. Root Bear

Root Bear

18. Panda Bear

Panda Bear

19. BearNotes


20. Toy Tree, The Happy Bear

Toy Tree, The Happy Bear

21. Deady Bear

Deady Bear

22. Bearific


23. Polar Bear

Polar Bear

24. BadBear


25. MIchał Borowiec

MIchał Borowiec

26. Blue Bear

Blue Bear

27. Kids’ Shelf

Kids' Shelf

28. WildSmart V1

WildSmart V1

29. Imnorth




So you can be aware of new trends or simply new bears logo design inspiration that could help and guide you through your design process.