20+ Excellent Embossed Business Cards Showcase

A business card is not just a paper bearing a company’s logo and a person’s contact details. Embossing your business card is a great effect to grab your audience’s attention. However, business cards will still look great if other parts are embossed. So, browse this collection of embossed business cards design to get ideas for that professional, luxurious, and elegant look for your next business card design. Take a look at these business cards to get some ideas on how to make your business cards stand out. Enjoy!

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1. Letterpressed Embossed Business Card

Letterpressed Embossed Business Card
Letterpressed Embossed Business Card

2. Minimalist Embossed Business Card

Minimalist Embossed Business Card

3. White Embossed Business Card

White Embossed Business Card

4. Mathias Tanguy

Mathias Tanguy

5. TBZ Embossed Business Cards

TBZ Embossed Business Cards

6. Aphrodite Hand Made Jewelry Business Card

Aphrodite Hand Made Jewelry Business Card

7. American Business Card

American Business Card

8. Foreign Policy Business Cards

Foreign Policy Business Cards

9. Nikki Cole Photographer-Embossed Business Card

Nikki Cole Photographer-Embossed Business Card

10. ID Branding System

ID Branding System

11. Letterpressed Business Card

Letterpressed Business Card

12. Julien Hauchecorne – Business Card

Julien Hauchecorne – Business Card

13. Embossed Business Cards 2012

Embossed Business Cards 2012

14. Albertlo Design Business Card

Albertlo Design Business Card



16. Lory Sangiovani Business Card

Lory Sangiovani Business Card

17. Custom Business Card

Custom Business Card

18. Elegant Embossed Business Cards

Elegant Embossed Business Cards

19. MACV Letterpress Business Cards

MACV Letterpress Business Cards

20. Embossed Business Card for Odontologist

Embossed Business Card for Odontologist

21. Wood Business Card by Pure Metal Cards

Wood Business Card by Pure Metal Cards