25 Great HD Elephant Desktop Wallpapers

Animals are nature’s most innocent gift to humans. They are loving, they are dangerous, they are cute, and they are our best friends. Animals is certainly among the best nature wallpapers for our desktop computers to have. Here are the 25 amazing elephant desktop wallpapers which you can download for free for your desktop. Check out this collection and you will surely be fascinated at these huge but lovable animals.

1. Elephant Family

Elephant Family

2. Download Elephants Wallpaper

Download Elephants Wallpaper

3. Elephant Drinking Water

Elephant Drinking Water

4. Elephant Wallpaper for Free

Elephant Wallpaper for Free

5. Elephants Walking Home Wallpaper

Elephants Walking Home Wallpaper

6. Elephants, Uganda

Elephants, Uganda



8. Elephants Wallpaper for Free Download

Elephants Wallpaper for Free Download

9. Group of Elephants Wallpaper

Group of Elephants Wallpaper

10. Momma And A Little Guy Elephant Wallpaper

Momma And A Little Guy Elephant Wallpaper

11. Alone Elephant Background

Alone Elephant Background

12. Elephant Bathing Wallpaper

Elephant Bathing Wallpaper

13. Elephant Playing Wallpaper

Elephant Playing Wallpaper

14. Elephants Kenya Wallpaper

Elephants Kenya Wallpaper

15. Elephants


16. Elephants Love

Elephants Love

17. Elephant with Wings

Elephant with Wings

18. Tribute to Nature

Tribute to Nature

19. Elephants in Jungle – Animal Wallpaper

Elephants in Jungle - Animal Wallpaper

20. Elephant Family Wallpaper for Desktop

Elephant Family Wallpaper for Desktop

21. Bebes Elefantes

Bebes Elefantes

22. Gigantic Love

Gigantic Love

23. Mandleve


24. Phant Love

Phant Love

25. Baby Elephant Playing Wallpaper

Baby Elephant Playing Wallpaper

You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.