Inspirational Facebook Timeline Covers Examples

With Facebook’s recent introduction of Timeline, users have begun to utilize their new found real estate in funny and creative ways. If you have no idea what’s Facebook Timeline all about, Facebook Timeline allows you to broadcast story of your life to your friends.

In this collection I’m going to show you 20 fantastic and cool timeline covers for Facebook which either inspire you, amaze you or just make you burst out into laughter. And let’s see how creative people have been with their Timeline Cover and get your creativity juices flowing.

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1. Antonio Fadda

Antonio Fadda

2. Giuseppe Draicchio

Giuseppe Draicchio

3. Delphin Hauchard

Delphin Hauchard

4. Scott Lamb

Scott Lamb

5. Dustin Thaxton

Dustin Thaxton

6. Aly Moffatt

Aly Moffatt

7. Eduardo Calvo

Eduardo Calvo

8. Daniel Jewitt

Daniel Jewitt

9. Emanuele Bartolomucci

Emanuele Bartolomucci

10. Oliver Alexander

Oliver Alexander

11. Enk Shahbaz Mehdi

Enk Shahbaz Mehdi

12. Myriam Heneine

Myriam Heneine

13. Eyal Shahar

Eyal Shahar

14. Mohammad L. Azzam

Mohammad L. Azzam

15. Fabio Maravilla

Fabio Maravilla

16. Sune Adler Miltersen

Sune Adler Miltersen

17. Manoj Varghese Mathew

Manoj Varghese Mathew

18. Helbert Campos

Helbert Campos

19. Jeremy Bronson

Jeremy Bronson

20. Nagaraj Vijayarangan

Nagaraj Vijayarangan

So you have enjoyed the entire showcase, and would like to get really creative on your timeline cover? You can actually do it now!  Tell us what is your favorite timeline cover?