Playing With Your Phone Camera

Sometimes you don’t have your DSLR or point and shoot camera with you all the time. What if you find something so interesting yet so candid that you just have to take a photo of that moment and subject matter? What better tool to use than your trusty phone camera. Don’t underestimate your humble android phone. There are great phone models and brands out there that offer the best camera quality such as Nokia 808 PureView, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Droid DNA and Nokia Lumia 920 to name a few. Of course, having the best phone camera doesn’t necessarily mean getting the best results. It’s only a tool that will help you get that perfect phone shot. So here are some tips that will definitely maximize your camera phone.

First of all, wipe your lens. Your phone is usually stored in pockets and bags therefore accumulating dirt and lint. Depending on your phone’s memory capacity, set the resolution settings to highest to get the best image quality. Also check the other settings such as the flash and white balance. You don’t need to use a flash all the time especially in broad daylight. Just be sure to keep your subject well lit and not against the source of light. Taking photographs with your phone camera can be a fun hobby. Since the advent of android phones, you can practically multitask anything like browsing the web, paying your bills, making a Word document and of course playing games. If you’re into card games, what better way to play poker than to download party poker’s newest android app. With its easy to use game interface and unique game play, you can play poker anytime, anywhere with just a swipe of a finger. You don’t need to go through the hassle of dressing up and going to a real casino. You can also improve your game play by watching video tutorials online. Watch out for Microsoft Studio’s newest game, World Series of Poker: Full House Pro coming this March.

Photography is a bit like playing poker, with tons of practice, you can hit the jackpot by getting that perfect shot even of it’s just from your phone’s camera. Another tip is, you should also avoid reflective surfaces such as mirrors when you’re taking photos of others, this will create an under exposed shot. On the other hand, if you use this to your advantage especially in daylight such as strategically placing your subject near windows or doors, it can create a beautiful, ethereal effect. Also avoid using your zoom option, it will make your photo pixelated and grainy. Lastly, remember to have fun and take a chance. Take as much photos as you want, you can just delete the ones you don’t like in your computer. You can also use apps such as Mobile, Vignette and Camera 360.