How to Best Create Tutorials

Quality interactive, video and presentation tutorials may be able to do far more than just educate and inform viewers. The best tutorials utilize content that is both useful and informative, making them an ideal resource for generating and maintaining higher volumes of inbound site traffic. Businesses and organizations interested in building brand awareness or improving their relationship with existing or prospective customers can benefit immensely by seeking out the resources and service options that will allow them to create tutorials that will be helpful, educational and well-received by their intended audience. Resources, such as professional-quality video production services, graphic design and technical content can be a key asset for ensuring tutorials will be of superior quality.

Advantages of Hosting Interactive and Presentation-based Tutorials

Interactive tutorials are ideal for on-demand learning that can be pursued whenever users have the time and motivation. While presentation-based tutorials may lack the same level of user participation as their interactive counterparts, they may be a far more suitable resource for educating users about subjects that involve higher levels of information density. Both types of tutorials can be paused and resumed at need, and allow users to educate themselves regardless with greater ease and convenience than would be possible using conventional materials. Selecting the right mix of interactive and presentation materials is often essential for creating the best tutorials.

Benefits of Video Tutorials

While even the most basic tutorials can provide useful information regarding various products and services, higher-quality content can provide a wider range of benefits that extend beyond simply educating audiences. Attractive, entertaining and professional-quality video tutorials may provide any of the following benefits:

  • Higher demand for products and services leading to higher sales figures
  • Increased conversion rate leading more website visitors to make purchases
  • Storytelling provides an ideal format for conveying the right message
  • Build and maintain brand recognition with greater ease
  • Tutorial style and content may be used to differentiate businesses from their competitors

Setting and Defining Goals

Whether creating a single video or posting an ongoing series of multimedia, interactive and production-based tutorials, the first step in the process is to set and define clear goals. Producing content without first establishing its purpose or detailing the various goals that need to be met often results in finished products that are muddled, unclear or that lack specific focus. Individual tutorials often feature a very wide scope in terms of the information covered while each a series of tutorials may each feature a different focus.

Modular Content

Modular content can be important for audiences that already possess some understanding of the subject matter detailed within a video or covered throughout an interactive tutorial or presentation. Spending time, effort and expense on a tutorial that audiences may find boring, overly-redundant or too tedious to bother with can be of very little practical benefit. Providing audiences with modular content and a clearly outlined description of each video or portion of the tutorial can ensure that they will be able to find the answers to their most pressing questions more quickly and easily.

Partitioning a single video into separate sections and modules can make a big difference. Providing a guide or table of contents for longer tutorials can also be helpful in ensuring that viewers are less likely to become frustrated when searching for specific information or attempting to explore key topics. Modular content is also easier to update, which allows businesses the option to simply replace any tutorials that have become dated or irrelevant. Tutorials that can be more easily navigated and video content that can be replaced with greater ease make it much easier to ensure all content remains topical and up to date.

Focusing on the Needs of Customers and Clients

Failing to stay focused on the target audience is a common mistake when creating or producing online tutorials. The needs and questions that customers, clients and other visitors are most likely to have should be of paramount importance when designing or producing any tutorial. Creating content that fails to educate and producing tutorials that may have little to offer clientele is often just wasted expense. Testing tutorials on sample groups, soliciting feedback and ensuring all content is finely polished before posting it online will help businesses to avoid many potential pitfalls and costly issues.

Choosing the Best Hosting and Production Services

Content that looks less than professional may end up being little more than a liability. Professional production equipment and services are often required in order to ensure tutorials and video content does not cast businesses in a less than professional light. While webcams, smartphones and even low-end digital cameras may be sufficient for video blog posts and snapshots, higher-end equipment and the assistance of a qualified and experienced professional are often required to ensure quality does not become an issue when creating tutorials.

Electing to make use of the wrong hosting service can be nothing short of a disaster, especially when tutorials and other content result in greater numbers of visitors than initially projected. Only the best hosting services can provide the dependability and bandwidth needed to ensure online tutorials are able to be as effective as possible. Some consideration should be given to future projects when selecting a hosting option, as current providers may not be able to handle additional tutorials that may be created and posted in the days to come.

Creating Quality Tutorials

Starting with a clear goal and selecting only the best production, graphic design and hosting resources can help to ensure businesses create quality tutorials that provide superior value. Staying focused on the needs of users, utilizing modular content formats and making any changes needed to ensure tutorials remain timely, relevant and helpful will allow businesses to enjoy the full range of potential benefits that online tutorials may be able to provide. Tutorials and content that is of superior quality can aid in marketing efforts, help businesses to build a more recognizable brand as well as improve relations with customers, clients and other online visitors.