How to Best Design a Website with Optical Plugins

Designing a website that is visually appealing to visitors is one of the biggest hurdles as a web designer. Ensuring that all images, tables, and text are adequately spaced and aligned is one of the key ways to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing design. Optical plugins are well known by web designers looking to achieve these goals due to their automated features associated with optical kerning. Optical kerning automatically analyzes a font’s character spacing and alignment while adjusting the surrounding characters to flow parallel to them.

If you’re just becoming familiar with optical plugins that aid in kerning, there are many tools that will help you get a feel of where to start. The world of typography in web design has grown at an accelerated pace, bringing web designers many tips and resources to help novices get right on board.

Find a Reputable OCR Software

The technical term for an optical plugin is OCR software. OCR stands for optical character recognition, which allows designers to convert full images into plain text, formatted text, exact copies, or searchable files. These plugins do the work for you by detecting any fonts used in a specific image, as well as detecting the kerning (spacial adjustment) used in the various lines of text.

The way that these plugins aid web designers in building professional webpages is somewhat of a complex process. By downloading a homepage as a jpeg, jpg, PNG, or PDF file, the OCR software can convert it to a readable file while analyzing it’s contents. After the characters and kerning measurements are found, it will enable you to design the rest of the webpage accordingly, creating a perfectly-aligned presentation.

Utilize an OCR Search Engine

Alongside optimal plugins, OCR search engines also provide convenient clarity in converting images into readable fonts. A reliable OCR search engine will allow you to not only convert the image to a formatted text file, but it will also be able to decode the names of any complex fonts that are present in the converted graphic. Once the OCR search engine reveals the various fonts used in the webpage image at hand, you will be able to find out if that particular font is compatible with optical kerning. Most fonts are highly compatible with optical kerning, but some use auto or manual kerning instead, so it is important to find out for sure before moving forward.

Once the OCR search engine has detected the font type, you can now navigate to a well-known font database and search its specific name. There are many reputable directories online that list both mainstream and infrequent fonts that may be used in various web design projects. If there is a special area reserved for the font’s specification listings, look to see if it mentions the font’s kerning type. The font may be compatible with more than one kerning style, but make sure that at least one indicates optical in order to ensure that it will work with the optical plugins of your choosing.

Examine the Final Presentation

Once you’ve ran your OCR software and all of your spacing is adjacent, stop and take a moment to evaluate the final product. While overlooking the modified website design, carefully monitor the spacing and alignment work done by the optical plugins that you’ve used. It is important that the final design is as professional looking as possible, and proper character spacing is key in producing a high-quality interface with professional elements. If you feel as though some areas need revision, the optical plugins will make the revision process much less overwhelming. To make any kerning adjustments to the final product, you just have to reconvert the formatted text to an image file for further modification. This can be done as many times as needed until you’re satisfied with the result. After thoroughly reviewing your design, you can now publish our rebuilt webpage where visitors will be greeted with a visually appealing yet simplistic set up.

Consider Reselling the Domain

The high-grade webpage that you’ve successfully created with the optical plugins is sure to generate a much higher volume of traffic to your domain. Even if you find yourself uninterested in hosting the domain any further at some point, this generated traffic can still provide you with the opportunity to bring in even more cash flow. Many web developers and other tech experts are routinely on the lookout for high-traffic websites that are on the resale market. If you choose to resell your hosting and related domains, then you will be able to still profit off of your completed design, making sure that all of your hard work will not go to waste. The decision to resell your hosting will in a sense handover your high traffic domain to a business that has more use for it. A lot of startup companies need to find a webpage that has already developed a high traffic volume in order to jump-start their profits and recognition. The higher the amount of traffic that your optically-enhanced site brings in, the higher of a profit hat you will make as a result.

Building an interface that is presented in a superior and fitted design is key in acquiring and maintaining a steady flow of visitors to your domains. You want to be able to provide your business with a website that reflects a high regard for professionalism, and optical plugins have the ability to assist you in this process. Utilizing these OCR platforms will provide you with the necessary tools to create a beautifully designed website in a prompt and convenient fashion.