Want to Ensure Ultimate Security to Your WP Site – Here is a Practical Guide

The most popular open-source CMS, WordPress has amazingly evolved as a web development tool from a blogging tool. It is eulogized for its various resourceful features that help proficiently manage a website. And, its best feature is that a WP site can be managed efficiently not only by those who possess technical skills, but anyone [...]

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How Cloud Backup Robot Keeps Your Customer Data Safe

When working with computers, it is practical to realize that breach or loss of data can happen and therefore you should be ready for such an outcome. Breach of data can damage the reputation of your brand and could even render your businesses bankrupt. You should therefore have data backup practices that ensure protection of [...]

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A Practical Guide to Understand WordPress Hooks and Their Role in Custom Development

WordPress is lauded for a lot of things, not the least are the number of features and functionalities it has to offer us, but the comfort it provides to take our website to the next level. The ease with which you can modify the themes and leverage the benefits provided by its plethora of plugins, [...]

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A Dedicated Hosting Package Has Its Benefits

Who Can I Get A Dedicated Hosting Package From With so many hosting firms available to web users today it is becoming easier and easier to find a hostoople dedicated hosting package.. This is due in large part to the rapidly expanding market and growth of dedicated hosting package providers. The real issue for most [...]

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Are Cameras Prohibited in Casinos?

Many travellers today wish to take their cameras with them wherever they go in order to capture images from their experiences; this way when the trip is over, they will have long lasting memories of their vacation. Often travel itineraries will include trips to some of the world’s casinos and many of these feature elaborate [...]

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FreeDigital Signage: Digital Signage Content Ideas using Customizable Templates

Digital signage is the in-thing in today’s business marketing. If you are not already leveraging on the infinitesimal benefits offered by this tool, your business is losing a lot. Nevertheless, incorporating this media into your marketing should not be an end to itself. Great content equals good marketing and without it, your digital signage campaign [...]

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The Name Game: Creating Amazingly Effective Blog Titles

You have just spent hours writing the most thought-provoking blog ever about stay-at-home moms versus working moms. You have interviewed moms, photographed moms and poured out your heart and soul into the story. But then, in your haste to post this epic blog of parenthood onto your website, you give your masterpiece a quick title [...]

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How to Rank Your WordPress Site From the Beginning

WordPress is an excellent tool combined with the right web hosting and it is available to anyone who is interested in creating their own website. It is free to use and it offers thousands of plugins, depending on what you are looking to do with the website. However, you also need to improve the search [...]

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An Insight of the Three Important Features Of Streaming Videos

Video is an important and effective media of communication. Until a few years back, videos used to be captured and then transmitted in an analog format. With the advent of digital media, now various forms of streaming and video applications are used for communicating through the websites. Websites are used to promote various products. Initially, [...]

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4 Tips for Starting Your Own SEO Agency

Building a business without proper search engine optimization is about as useful as ice skating uphill: while possible, it’s an unnecessary challenge. That’s why so many people have gone to SEO agencies in order to help them craft or perfect their website for the purposes of raising their organic results and gaining more attention to [...]

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